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Tucked between Los Angeles and San Francisco, you will find a kitchen on the Pacific coast full of Mediterranean spices and old family recipes crafted into a small batch.

Moez Bensalem - CEO at Baba Small Batch LLC

Today, if you have ever been to a farmers market in Central California, chances are you may have met owner, Moez Bensalem. He dedicates his time to provide you with the same freshness and flavors of his home country of Tunisia. All our products are handmade in our Santa Barbara kitchen instead of a factory to assure you enjoy only the highest quality - just like in grandma’s kitchen!

Go ahead. Pop the lid open and grab a scoop. What you’ll taste are our organically-grown garbanzo beans combined with only the freshest ingredients, infused with Mediterranean spices to provide you with a taste of North Africa. However, all of this didn’t just happen. It took many summers as a child watching grandma in the kitchen where she made mouthwatering foods from vegetables and herbs picked straight out of the garden on the Mediterranean Sea.

Superfood to the Rescue!

Who knew a superfood could have such a creamy, delightful taste? Our hummus may come in a small batch, but it's packed full of benefits. Check out the healthy truth about hummus!

Super Healthy

Hummus has been consumed for so many centuries that the exact origin is unknown. Many areas such as the Middle East, Greece, Egypt and other Mediterranean countries have historically been known to use hummus as a staple of their diet.

Hummus is made from garbanzo beans (also known as chickpeas), tahini (a sesame seed paste), and olive oil along with assorted spices used to achieve a wide variety of flavors. topfoodfacts.com

Some Facts About Hummus

  1. Plant based protein
  2. - The combination of fiber, healthy fats, and protein will make you feel full longer and fight food cravings
    - Improve bone, muscle, skin and blood health
    - Good source of protein for vegetarians and vegans

  3. Bones grow stronger
  4. - Chickpeas and tahini are high in calcium, contributing to good bone health

  5. Contribute to weight loss
  6. - Tahini contains monounsaturated fats which have the ability to help promote weight loss and reduce belly fat
    - Monounsaturated fats are a good substitute for trans fats and polyunsaturated fats that can contribute to weight gain

  7. Can help lower your cholesterol
  8. - Avoid heart disease

  1. High in fiber
  2. - Keep a healthy digestive tract

  3. Can help alleviate anemia
  4. - Chickpeas and tahini are a good source of iron which helps deliver oxygen to red blood cells

  5. Chickpeas are high in antioxidants

  6. Additional Health Benefits
  7. - Beans in general have 3 compounds: saponins, protease inhibitors, and phytic acid, that have been shown through tests to guard cells from damage that can cause cancer

  8. Great choice for those with food allergies!
  9. - Gluten-free
    - Nut free
    - Dairy free

100% Natural

With zero additives or preservatives, our hummus is made with simple, clean ingredients. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing exactly what you are putting in your body. No scary ingredients you can’t pronounce! At Baba Small Batch we are dedicated to providing the highest quality hummus with a clean conscience.

Always Fresh

Each small batch of hummus is hand-crafted in our Santa Barbara, California kitchen from freshly sourced ingredients that can be found at local farmer’s markets! Due to our advanced packaging and processing techniques, our hummus has a shelf life of up to six months. And that’s with ZERO preservatives! While shipping or traveling, a sealed tub of hummus can last up to 5 days without being refrigerated while maintaining the highest quality. It is recommended to allow two hours of refrigeration upon receipt of your hummus for the best eating experience.

Our Hummus Recipe

What makes our hummus different than others? To begin with, Baba Small Batch owner, Moez, grew up in Tunisia watching his grandma cook in the kitchen. The Mediterranean flavors were always fresh from their backyard garden and the quality was something you can only get homemade. Moez brought his family secret recipes to Baba Small Batch in 2008 where he combined the traditional flavors of the Mediterranean with a California flare. Made in small batches in our Santa Barbara kitchen, Baba Small Batch brings you the homemade quality hummus you deserve.

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